Effective Quality Monitoring & Calibration

Graha Seti, 25-26 Maret 2019

Quality Monitoring/Assurance play an integral role in shaping culture and behaviours within contact centres. It is an essential element for a contact centre to consistently and continuously providing excellent service to customers.

All employees will tend to behave according to how they are measured, and as such ensuring that measurement criteria are fully aligned to organisational objectives is paramount to a successful quality assurance program. For the program to succeed, it is essential to have a structured quality evaluation and on-going calibration process. This workshop is designed to provide best practices in implementing and maintaining an effective quality assurance program in a contact centre.


  • To acquire fundamental knowledge and learn best practices in Quality Monitoring/Assurance.
  • To align quality monitoring measurement standards to the contact centre’s goals and objectives.
  • To document a Definitions Document blueprint that clearly defines the skills and behaviours for consistent measurement.
  • To ensure evaluation and monitoring consistency on call quality by understanding the calibration process.
  • To carry out effective calibration sessions which deliver positive outcome.


  • Quality Monitoring/ Assurance Professionals
  • Team Leaders / Supervisors who perform quality monitoring & assurance and coaching

Note : Minimum 6 pax and maximum 18 pax for learning effectiveness.


  • Jakarta, 25 – 26 March 2019
  • 09:00 – 17:00


Rp. 4.000.000

Note: Free 1 Participants for Platinum Member ICCA


This highly interactive workshop involves short lectures, video presentations, group activities & discussions and role play session with continuous evaluation and real time feedback from the facilitator.


Modul 1 : Fundamental Principles of Quality Assurance

  • The M.C.T.C Model in Quality Assurance
  • Purpose of Quality Assurance Quality Monitoring as a Performance Indicator
  • The Roles & Characteristics of a Quality Assurance Professional

Modul 2 : Quality Assurance Best Practices

  • Using Appropriate Types of Quality Monitoring Methods
  • Planning for Quality Assurance Resources
  • Optimising Call Recording / Monitoring Technology

Modul 3 : Quality Monitoring Evaluation Forms and Definitions Document Development

  • Development Evaluation Sections and Elements
  • Determining the Appropriate Scoring Schemes
  • Definitions Document Creation and Documentation
  • Mapping Quality Monitoring Business/ Operational Processes

Modul 4 : Ensuring Calibration Success

  • Establishing the Calibration Process and Cycle
  • Pre-Session Communication
  • The Facilitator’s Roles
  • Setting Expectations and Determining Goals

Modul 5 : Calibration Session In Action

  • The Dos and Don’ts in a Calibration Session
  • Review of Monitoring Standards and Scoring
  • The 4 Steps – Listen, Recap, Summarise & Agree
  • Handling Conflicts during a CalibrationSession

Modul 6 : Post-Calibration Action Plan

  • Documenting Action Items and Assigning Responsibilities
  • Communicating Changes to The Calling Floor
  • Providing Channels for Agent’s Feedback


In fulfilling her aspiration to bring out the best in people, Jeannie founded Inspiring Greatness Services (IGS) and is the Chief Visionary Ocer. IGS was founded with the key purpose of unleashing the full potential in individuals and teams, ignite them into action by empowering their strengths and values aligned with an established purpose.

Jeannie has extensive experiences in the contact centre industry
in which many operating contact centres are now striving to balance between focusing on employees’engagement & development (internal) and customer experience (external). Her training and consulting expertise are focused on Contact Centre Transformation, Customer Experience Management, and Leadership. She aspires to work with individuals and organizations to draw out their passions and elevate greatness.

Global in viewpoint but local in impact, Jeannie has led various business consulting projects and training programs in the South East Asia region. Her well-developed capacity to build trusting relationships, enthuse, motivate and encourage collaboration from stakeholders, staff and management, has proven her to be an invaluable asset to multiple projects. She has over 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience serving clients in a variety of industries – including nancial services, telecommunication, insurance, information technology, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, utilities, contact centre BPO, retail and Government Link Companies (GLCs).