Coaching for Performance Improvement

2 Days Workshop
Coaching for Performance Improvement

Performance coaching is a vital component in a successful agent development program. The coaching process acts as a performance management support tool for Team Leaders / Supervisors and Quality Assurance / Monitoring Teams to motivate, persuade, and enhance skills and knowledge of Agents.

Participants will be able to develop themselves to be an “effective” contact centre coach – the kind of coach who makes a real impact on agents’ lives and on evolving agents’ performance. Additionally, practical strategy on driving and enhancing employee engagement will also be shared in this training.


  • To recognise the importance of Coaching in an Agent’s performance cycle 
  • To learn the characteristics of an effective coach 
  • To be able to give positive and constructive feedback 
  • To document coaching outcome 
  • To learn how implement good employee engagement strategy and measure effectiveness


Module 1: The Importance of Coaching

  • Understanding Performance Coaching
  • Traditional vs. New Coaching
  • The Impact of Coaching to Performance

Module 2: The Coaching Model

  • The Coaching Process 
  • The Elements involved in Coaching
  • Identifying & Documenting Behaviours to Coach

Module 3: Effective Coaching Skills 

  • Attributes of an Effective Coach
  • Providing Feedback – the BIEO Model 
  • Usage of People Profiling

Module 4: Conducting Effective Coaching Session

  • Developing Communication Skills to Secure Buy-in
  • Turning Resistance to Positive Change
  • Putting Into Action – Role Play Sessions

Module 5: Driving Employee Engagement Module 4: Conducting Effective Coaching Session

  • Impact of Reward and Recognition
  • Introducing Gamification
  • Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey

Training Methodology

This highly interactive workshop involves short lectures, video presentations, group activities & discussions and role play session with continuous evaluation and real time feedback from the facilitator.

Consultant’s Profile

In fulfilling her aspiration to bring out the best in people, Jeannie founded Inspiring Greatness Services (IGS) and is the Chief Visionary Officer. IGS was founded with the key purpose of unleashing the full potential in individuals and teams, ignite them into action by empowering their strengths and values aligned with an established purpose.

Jeannie has extensive experiences in the contact centre industry in which many operating contact centres are now striving to balance between focusing on employees’ engagement & development (internal) and customer experience (external). Her training and consulting expertise are focused on Contact Centre Transformation, Customer Experience, Management, and Leadership. She aspires to work with individuals and organizations to draw out their passions and elevate greatness.

Global in viewpoint but local in impact, Jeannie has led various business consulting projects and training programs in the South East Asia region. Her well-developed capacity to build trusting relationships, enthuse, motivate and encourage collaboration from stakeholders, staff and management, has proven her to be an invaluable asset to multiple projects. She has over 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience serving clients in a variety of industries – including financial services, telecommunication, insurance, information technology, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, utilities, contact centre BPO, retail and Government Link Companies (GLCs).

She is also a frequent speaker and facilitator in various seminars, conferences and training workshops organised by the contact centre industry associations of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and has held a pivotal role being involved in the judging panel of the contact centre awards in these countries. Jeannie’s passion in sharing knowledge continuously drives her to actively produce articles and white papers for the contact centre industry. Several of her articles were featured in online contact centre forum and e-newsletter. Jeannie is also an avid long-distance runner and baker.


 7 – 8 November 2018
We-Th, 9:00am – 5:00pm


  1. Non Member ICCA : Rp. 4.500.000,- 
  2. Member ICCA : Rp. 4.000.000,- 


  • Quality Monitoring/ Assurance Professionals
  • Team Leaders / Supervisors who perform quality monitoring & assurance and coaching